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Whether it was film, sculpture, or music Chad had many creative outlets growing up. However, it was a Bob Dylan documentary that ultimately sparked his passion for song-writing. Born and raised in Atlanta, where he remains today, Chad started writing at 15. Inspired by artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Jason Isbell, he sought to blend raw feelings and American nostalgia. With a style that’s timeless yet pertinent, Chad tells stories with a personal touch, based on core emotions, that touch every listener in a unique way.


Chad William’s debut EP Polaroid encapsulates his growth as an artist featuring both his earliest and most recent songs. Chad shares where he started, where he is, and where he wants go with his songwriting career in a way that speaks to everyone’s journey through their twenties. Polaroid has a singer-songwriter quality with an Americana influence that allows his lyrics to take the spotlight.


For Chad, music isn’t a chosen career path, it’s an undeniable pull that cannot be ignored. “Like Neil Young and Bruce, I think I’m just a prisoner of Rock N’Roll”.

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